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About Us

Eventpower was created with a vision of providing the best possible temporary electrical power solutions for events with top notch service while being cognizant of our environmental obligations. By uniting a pool of talented technicians, our clients benefit from our collective experience in all aspects of temporary event power requirements – we have true expertise in everything from equipment supply through client and vendor relations. We’ve earned the reputation of being the event power specialists.

Being owner-operated means that we care deeply about the quality of our work, and our clients’ experiences. As owners, we are personally involved in all daily aspects and operations of the business, are usually on-site for installations and we are always, easily accessible to all our clients.

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management team

safety & qualifications

At Eventpower, we take safety very seriously, recognizing liability and safety concerns and addressing them proactively. The best way to manage safety is to remove the risks before they even become concerns, and while that may sound obvious, when it comes to electrical safety the risks are not always visible to the naked or untrained eye.

All of our employees are qualified electrical workers with years of experience and knowledge. We follow the Canadian Electrical Code to the letter and all of our temporary power equipment has been inspected and approved.

We strictly adhere to all Canadian Electrical Code regulations.

We are at all times in full compliance with Worksafe BC policies for the safety of our workers but just as importantly, our clients and their customers’ safety!

We perform preventative maintenance on every piece of gear we use to guarantee not only a safe event but also to ensure the kind of reliability we are building our reputation on.


Eventpower is a licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor. All of our electrical workers are well trained with years of experience and knowledge, are service-focused, responsible and accountable.

strategic alliances

In this industry there is no such thing as going it alone. We are all part of the bigger picture and believe that great team-building makes for great events.

Eventpower recognizes the importance of strong partnerships as being essential to our operations. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with the top providers of temporary power in North America.


At Eventpower, we strive to provide the cleanest power solutions for our clients. Whenever possible we utilize clean hydroelectric power; in situations where that’s impossible we use our new state-of the-art super-silent generators. These units use Cummins Tier III engines, fitted with engine crankcase gas ventilation capture devices. We use ultra-low sulphur (<15ppm) content diesel fuel while paying close attention to properly sizing the right unit for the job. Our generators are also capable of running with extended service intervals which reduces the frequency of waste/ waste filters. We work closely with Eco Neutral, promoting our respect and dedication to the local and global environment by purchasing carbon offsets for our events as well as our day-to-day operations. Eventpower includes sustainability training, education, and awareness programs to inspire and develop sustainability initiatives throughout our company and in conjunction with Eco Neutral, offer carbon offset programs to our clients and their events. We believe that cumulatively, the small efforts of many can slow the damage to our environment. To that end we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our generated waste. We believe that this type of environmental responsibility is very similar to the corporate values of many of our clients.