As part of our continuing commitment to provide safe and improved accessibility for everyone attending the events that we are involved with, Eventpower is very pleased to announce that we now stock Yellow Jacket WASP cable covers in our Vancouver warehouse!

The most obvious benefit of using these low angle ramps is that they can be easily accessed using carts, dollies, strollers and most importantly, wheelchairs. The slip resistant surface provides efficient traction for multiple applications and is strong enough to handle constant forklift traffic.

The avenues of approach, slip resistance, non conductivity, and the low 4.8 degree ramp angle meet all US ADA specifications and guidelines for ramps. Available tapered side ramps on the WASP AMS provide access that is “barrier free” and displays the ADA wheelchair symbol. The most innovative part of this ramp system is that it allows several center sections to be combined for extra wide ramps when needed for multiple cable runs. This eliminates the hard to negotiate “peaks and valley speed bumps” created by multiple rows of standard cable mats.

These units are currently being supplied at no additional charge, in high traffic areas of our setups and are also available for rent with priority and significant discounts being given to charity and non-profit organizations that may benefit from greater accessibility to their events.

We have recently deployed our wheelchair mats on several large events and have received such incredibly positive feedback; we intend to double our inventory in the coming months which should enable us to improve accessibility to all of the concerts, festivals and special events we power.

Please feel free to call our office at 604-524-1967 for more information or to find out where you can see these ramps in action around the Lower Mainland.