Eventpower is the leading supplier of temporary power services for events in Western Canada.

With over 20 years’ experience, fully licensed and insured in BC, Eventpower supplies full-service temporary electrical power systems wherever and whenever you need it.

Based in Vancouver, Eventpower has long been the leading supplier of temporary electrical services to the local entertainment industry and that great reputation continues to spread throughout North America.

At Eventpower, we’re more than just a temporary electrical service or a rental power broker. Yes, we do generator rentals and power rentals, but we also provide a true “turnkey” operation, offering innovative design, engineering, installation, and unparalleled support for all your production’s electrical needs.

There’s a lot of moving parts that need to be managed when organizing an event but planning the power doesn’t need to be one of them. Our specialty is providing power solutions. We can speak directly with your audio, lighting, or video providers on your behalf, to determine what their technical requirements are. We’ll work with your caterers and make sure that all of their needs are covered before they arrive on your site. Will you be employing food trucks? Not a problem. We are able to provide their power without needing to use their small, noisy generators. We’ve already worked with most of them and constantly upgrade our database of food truck requirements. We carry adapters for every possible electrical configuration, even foreign voltages. Temporary heating or cooling required? We work with the best providers in the business and can take that off your plate too! We’ll organize the pickup and delivery of everything power related, the electrical permitting and will even clean up after ourselves before leaving site.

Over the years, Eventpower has developed a huge network of vendors and associates from across North America and around the world, enabling us to power your event, no matter where it’s going to be held. Once we have determined your electrical needs, we will design the best power solution for your specific event and location, while never losing site of your budget.

Surprisingly, many venues aren’t aware of how much power they have available so we will work closely with them throughout the entire design process.

Using clean, hydroelectric power is always our preference but when this isn’t possible for a specific event, we will use our own, super-silent, film style generators. Not only are they quiet and reliable, our well-maintained units are some of the most fuel efficient, environmentally friendly units currently in use.

Our skilled, dedicated team of professionals know the event business because that’s where they’re from. They bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise gained from many years in productions covering all facets of the arts and entertainment business. More importantly, they take great pride in their work.

So, whether you require high voltage feeds from local utility companies, a mobile power solution from an independent power source, or backup power options, Eventpower can supply all the electrical support necessary for any type of event with outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

Please give us a call at 604-524-1967 or email us at enquiries@eventpower.ca to learn more about our services. Eventpower, your event power specialists.