About Us


At Eventpower, we strive to provide the cleanest power solutions for our clients. Whenever possible we utilize clean hydroelectric power; in situations where that is impossible, we use our new state-of the-art super-silent generators. These units use Cummins Tier III engines, fitted with engine crankcase gas ventilation capture devices. We use ultra-low sulfur (<15ppm) content diesel fuel while paying close attention to properly sizing the right unit for the job. Our generators are also capable of running with extended service intervals which reduces the frequency of waste/waste filters.
As the technology around battery stored energy continues to improve, Eventpower has started to incorporate battery “generators” into our installations where the load requirements are manageable; for example, short duration events such as audio delay stations at marathon start and finish lines.
Currently, the larger the load requirement, the less run time that is available on these units before they require recharging. If hydro is available on site, there is no benefit to utilizing battery power and if hydro is not available, they will need to be recharged with a fossil fueled generator.
We work closely with suppliers who promote respect and dedication to the local and global environment. Eventpower is implementing sustainability training, education, and awareness programs to inspire and develop sustainability initiatives throughout our company.
We believe that cumulatively, the small efforts of many can slow the damage to our environment. To that end we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our generated waste. We believe that this type of environmental responsibility is very similar to the corporate values of many of our clients.