At Eventpower, we take pride in providing safe, temporary electrical power, where you want it – when you need it. Safety is the foundation of our service.
With safety in mind, we keep our workers up to date on safe work practices and are continually developing new techniques to provide electrically safe sites for our clients and the public who attend these events. We are encouraged to see that the other suppliers who we work with on these sites are also making safety a priority. Through the work of non-profit organizationslike ActSafe, people in our business are now more aware of safety than ever before, particularly when it comes to working safely around electricity. Our colleagues are always grateful when we can answer their questions or pass along any “tips” that we might have, and we are more than happy to do it. We are now being approached on a regular basis by individuals and employers working in the event and entertainment industries about providing some basic training about temporary power setups and working safely around electricity. In response, we have created Eventpower Learning.
Moving forward, we will be producing informative videos and content based on the questions that we get from you, so please help us by sending your questions or comments to [email protected]
In the meantime, we are working on creating a quick reference resource for electricians and others in our industry. Under the heading of “Useful Calculations“ on this page, we have started to compile a quick reference of electrical formulas and a simple electrical app that will make electrical load and generator sizing calculations for you. We have also included things like a fuel consumption chart for generators and a handy pie chart for Ohm’s Law.
We will be continually adding new links to other reference sources, free apps for electricians along with educational materials and references so please, bookmark this page and check back often. In our world, knowledge really is power.