Turnkey Packages

All-in-One Mobile Power Solution

Eventpower offers a one-stop shop for all your temporary event power needs, from complete electrical design, equipment rentals, generators, transformers, electrical rentals, installation and operation for any size or type of event. In addition, we provide on-site licensed electricians, either full-time or on-call, to troubleshoot and ensure hassle-free execution for any event.

We can look after everything, from freight, permits and refueling, to arranging your forklifts, crane trucks, light towers, and HVAC. Anything you need a hand with! With our extensive list of re-rent partners, power brokers and industry alliances, we have access to any temporary electrical equipment available in North America. Think of us as your one-stop power shop and production partner.

Full site clean-up and creating the smallest “eco-footprint” possible is part of our commitment to you and to the environment.